What is Kclaut media
Kclaut media is an online store that sells different types of social media management services.
What is patial status
Partial Status is when we partially refund the remains of an order. Sometimes for some reasons we are unable to deliver a full order, so we refund you the remaining undelivered amount. Example: You ordered for instagram views with quantity 10,000 and charges N1000 , let's say we delivered 9,000 and the remaining 1,000 we couldn't deliver, then we will "Partial" the order and refund you the remaining 1,000 (N100 in this example).
How do I contact customer support?
instagram - @thekclaut Email - support@kclautmedia.com On-site tickets. Response time is 8:00am - 10:00pm everyday.
How do auto likes, views and comments work?
Note: Auto services won't work on accounts with "Pinned Posts", please inform your clients not to pin posts until we find a solution for it. Auto services are for your future posts. You can place an order for likes, comment and views for your future posts which will be delivered when you make a post after you have subscribed for an auto service.
What is drip feed
Drip Feed is a service that we are offering so you would be able to put the same order multiple times automatically. Example: let's say you want to get 1000 likes on your Instagram Post but you want to get 100 likes each 30 minutes, you will put Link: Your Post Link Quantity: 100 Runs: 10 (as you want to run this order 10 times, if you want to get 2000 likes, you will run it 20 times, etc…) Interval: 30 (because you want to get 100 likes on your post each 30 minutes, if you want each hour, you will put 60 because the time is in minutes) P.S: Never order more quantity than the maximum which is written on the service name (Quantity x Runs), Example if the service's max is 4000, you don’t put Quantity: 500 and Run: 10, because total quantity will be 500x10 = 5000 which is bigger than the service max (4000). Also never put the Interval below the actual start time (some services need 60 minutes to start, don’t put Interval less than the service start time or it will cause a fail in your order).
How do i know the correct link to use?
If you are buying : Followers - Profile link ( We don’t accept Invite links or private account) Likes - Post link ( Make sure your account is NOT on private ) Comments - Post link ( Make sure your account is NOT on private ) Youtube Subscribers ( Channel link ) Youtube Views ( Video link )
What do these terms mean?
-Pending ( Your order is in queue and will start working any any moment soon ) -In Progress ( Your order is being attended to ) -Processing ( There is something wrong with the order ) -Partial ( The remains has been canceled and refunded ) -Canceled ( Your order has been canceled and refunded ) -Completed ( Your order has been completed ) - Non-drop (Don’t expect the service to drop after they have been delivered) - Drop (expect a drop after the service has been delivered) -Refill ( Account will be replenished free of charge in case a drop of followers, likes, views, etc, happens within the set period ) -Max (Maximum quantity you can order at once for a service)
I placed an order but I am yet to receive them, what do I do??
-The first thing you want to do is check and confirm if you used the right link. -You also want to check if the account is on private -Once all these are checked, you want to check the start time in the description of the order you placed, If all these are met and you still have not gotten the followers, kindly hold on a bit till after 24hrs, you should get them and if not, kindly contact support.
Can I place an order for the same link twice while the first one is still not completed ?
-No, Make sure the first order is completed before placing for the second order if you are going to place the order using the same link -You can place as any times as possible at the same time if they are separate links